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Who we are

We are a small home fragrance company nestled in the heart of the South Wales Valleys, at the base of the Brecon Beacons. We sell wax melts, around the home cleaning fragrance boosters, shower steamers, an amazing array of gifts for all occasions and wax melt gift boxes. We carry with us the strong celtic pride that drives us to perfect the items we design, manufacture and sell.

Scent has the ability to transition you to memories from the past and create memories for the future. It creates a change in mood and energy levels of a person, and can transform the ambience of a room within minutes.

Our wax melts are made using a mix blend wax formula that is exclusive and unique to the Osie Scents Brand. We offer the promise of both intensity and longevity of scent in your desired fragrance giving you hours of great aromatic pleasure in your home, office or workplace. All of our wax melts contain an ingredient that will create a shimmering sparkle when your wax is warm giving it that extra special touch for any occasion.